How to improve your IT employee’s expertise during home office period and the crisis?

Make them fiscal specialist!



*with official certificate


Date: 21.04. – 24.04.2020.



Most of your IT employees are working from home and have limited conditions for performing regular work activities. This training is created for them, with the aim to use their time wise and, through education, gain knowledge and skills that can help them to develop and be more efficient in their job.
Find our why your IT staff need upgrade of their professional knowledge towards fiscal area, during this unique worldwide education.
Make them certificated fiscal specialist!


• Introduction into fiscalization
• Different TAX systems and relation to fiscalization
• Online fiscalization
• HW related fiscalization
• SW related fiscalization
• Combines fiscalization (SW+HW)
• Technical implementations and integration

Education course will finish with test and based on results certificate will be issued.

After this course your employees will be able to:

• Get deep knowledge on fiscalization topic
• Understand fundamentals of different fiscalization systems that exist in practice
• Understand challenges of fiscal environment, by the real-world business cases
• Identify potential fiscal challenges and issues in their everyday business tasks
• Monitor process of implementation and integration of fiscal solutions
• Recognize hazards and risks in fiscal area
• Specify risk assessment methods and develop quick solutions
• Become 0 level support for all fiscal matters in the company
• Become certificated fiscal IT professional


Countries we support

Albania, Austria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Montenegro, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Serbia, Slovenia, Slovak Republic

Interface to POS

In all supported countries we keep the interface to the POS almost the same


Integrated POS applications

30 international POS apps localized with our fiscal solution


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