Fiscal countries


Fiscalization is the term which was introduced in addition to avoid the frauds and this term is referred to all transactions which have to be reported to Authorities of every country. Every country has it’s own Authority which is responsible for this part of fiscal law.

This term is the most important step in controlling grey economy.  Idea about introducing the fiscalization in every country came from the need to avoid retailer’s frauds.

Italy was the first country which introduced law for the use of specific fiscal devices in 1983. Second country was Greece and soon after fiscalization method has become a popular trend in the fight against tax evasion in the whole world.

Different types of fiscalization

This is the basic fiscalization division:

  • Hardware fiscalization, there are three types:

(FP) Ficsal printer/cash register – could be any type of POS software which is estimated from Authority of fiscal country, connected to POS system and fiscal printer and fiscal cash register have the same functionalities. GPRS Terminal could be implemented in cash registers or in fiscal printers. First country with this type of fiscalization was Serbia

(SD) Signature device – is used to sign an receipt with encrypted signature

(FM) Fiscal memory – characterized by the usage of special memory chip which keeps entire daily turnover

  • Software fiscalization we could devide on:

(RT) Sending information in real time – information are sent to Tax Authority before receipt has been printed

(CI) Cumulative information sending – information are sent to Tax Authority at the end of the day (after receipt is printed and given to customer)