Fiscal Law timeline

Italy Fiscal Law - Time line2

The caracteristics of the Fiscal Law in Italy

  • It is introduced:
    • to prevent any fraud by data changing
    • automatic delivery of fiscal data
  • The usage of certificated fiscal printer, RT printer or RT server is mandatory
  • RT printer and RT server communicates with Tax authority
  • RT printer and RT server directly send fiscal data to Tax authority at the end of the day

Other elements of the Fiscal law remain unchanged regarding the previous one

Process of the standard registration of sales

Process of the standard registration of sales (1)

Registratore Telematico as a key part of fiscal printer

  • Fiscal data is automaticaly submited to Tax Authority every day via Telematico device integrated in the RT fiscal printer
  • Data sent to Tax Authority can not be manipulated (due to fiscal memory)
  • Data sent to Tax Authority consider Fiscal data from the daily sales
  • Fiscal data about daily sales is sent once a day with complete information

About RT Fiscal Printer

  • It must be manufactured by certificated company
  • RT fiscal printer itself also must be certificated before enter the sales (responsibility of tax authority and manufacturer)
  • RT Fiscal printer must have Telematico device integrated – data transmision to Tax Authority
  • Integration between POS application and RT fiscal printer does not require any certification
  • POS application does not require any certification
  • Receipt layout is defined by printer

RT Fiscal printer benefits

  • Reduce controls by Tax authorities
  • Reduce time frame for keeping mandatory documentation (3 years)
  • Simplify delivery of data to Tax Authority
  • Secured investment for future

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