Slovak Republic

New fiscal law in Slovak Republic, as a concept of online type of fiscalization, has been proposed and discussed during 2018.

The newest proposal suggest that all retailers can comply with the new law from 1st April 2019, but must from 1st July 2019. If they have the obligation to register sales under the new law for the first time, they are required to use the e-kasa cashier client from 1st April 2019.

New law highlights:

  • An online connection of all cash registers to financial management
  • Every purchase/transaction will have financial information immediately, as each issued document will be registered at the e-kasa central repository
  • Possibility to use not only a cash register, but also mobile phones and tablets, PCs to serve as a ticket issuer
  • Possibility to do business not only in a standard store but also as standing sales, changing sales point (sales at market places, customer service, online shops etc.)

The condition is an internet connection through which information will be sent to the central repository of the financial administration

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