We are inviting you to participate in our next webinar “Germany is fiscal from January 2020 – Yes or No?”

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About this webinar:

Officially, starting date for fiscalization in Germany is January 1, 2020. However, at this point, there are a number of open questions that bother retailers and which we seek to answer in this webinar.

  • What does the postponement of the published law requirements actually mean?
  • Is there any TSE ready for installation?
  • Do you need a local software component if you want to use a cloud based TSE?
  • Is there going to be an official interface for automatic reporting of the POSes to fiscal authorities?
  • What is the current situation on the market in terms of TSE manufacturers?

Answers all of these questions and much more during our next webinar about Fiscalization in Germany.


  • Introduction
  • Historical and Legal Aspects of Fiscalization in Germany
  • Technical Aspects of Fiscalization in Germany
  • An Overview of Fiscal Solution Producers on German Market
  • Questions & Answer time


  1. Olja Milovanov, Marketing Manager, Fiscal Solutions d.o.o
  2. Dragana Babic, Legal Consultant, Fiscal Solutions d.o.o
  3. Bojan Vojnovic, Product Manager, Fiscal Solutions d.o.o
  4. Slavisa Vojnovic, Account Manager, Fiscal Solutions d.o.o
  5. Dejan Otasevic, Product Manager, Fiscal Solutions d.o.o

Duration: 60 minutes

Language: English