The implementation of the new fiscal law is always a complex and costly issue. In order to make it easier and faster for any retailer and software provider we are offering a set of services.

Fiscal workshops

Fiscal workshops are initial meetings between all involved parties. Each workshop covers the following topics:

  • introduction of the fiscal law
  • relevant retail processes
  • overview of possible solution architectures
  • functionalities of the fiscal solution
  • integration aspects

After finishing the workshop all participants will receive the following documentations:

  • official fiscal law (in English language)
  • official technical requirements
  • slides used during the workshop
    • with detailed explanations of the law
    • detailed explanations of all technical requirements
    • detailed explanation of all relevant retail processes
    • examples of all documents e.g. receipts
    • best practice examples
  • functionality overview of the fiscal solution (driver and/or back office)
  • technical description of the interfaces
  • examples of source codes
  • overview of all the functions that have to be implemented in the POS application

Integration support

As soon as the integration project is started our developers are ready to support the developer of the POS application. This is very important in order to speed up the integration and to reduce integration efforts.

Testing and verification

After finalizing the integration and before going live our developers and our QA is ready to test and verify that the POS application is working according to the law.

Installation and Rollout

The installation of the S4Retail Fiscal Back Office can be done by the retailer or by us. The driver installations are usually done based on silent installation and via existing deployment infrastructure of the retailer. In case of the driver installation we can help to prepare the right installation scripts in order to be able to perform the rollout by existing deployment channels.

User training

S4Retail Fiscal Back Office is mostly used by the IT departments in order to check if all transactions are authorized as they have to. In some cases the accounting departments are using it as well. Mostly targeting on getting the financial data related to the fiscal transactions.

Independent from the user type Fiscal Solution is providing the right training.

Hotline (1st and 2nd level support)

We are providing a very specific fiscal hotline. It is not only related to answering questions or solving problems but also actively checking the status of the systems and data.

With appropriate SLA Fiscal Solutions is guaranteeing that the system is technically working as it has to, that all data is like they have to be and that the communication with fiscal authorities is fulfilled.

The customers with this kind of SLA also have support in case of

  • authority inspections in the stores
  • legal issues
  • fiscal documentation issues
  • changes of the fiscal law

We also ensure that the retailer gets the right information in the right moment.

With this package we can say that the retailer can forget about fiscal issues as we are taking care of them.


Maintenance and 3rd level support is provided by our developers. It is on the source code level.
This support is not only related to the correction of found bugs, it is also related to the creation of new versions in case of any law changes. By that we are ensuring that the retailer is always working according to the fiscal law.
This service is mandatory.