All fiscal laws around the world have in common that taxes have to be saved or send somewhere. From the technical point of view there are the following requirements:

  • use of any certain fiscal printer with its certain configuration (e.g. memory, fiscal display, GPRS …)
  • use of approved fiscal software component at POS, and only this one component
  • use of the solution to be able to send all transactions online to the fiscal authority
  • use of signature devices to sign every transaction

For each of these scenarios Fiscal Solution already has implemented solutions.

The major strategy of our solution developments are:

  • re-use of fiscal elements from other implementations/countries
  • keep interface to POS in each scenario the same as much as possible
  • follow UPOS standards
  • move the fiscal logic away from POS and into the fiscal solution

Based on all these elements we are offering a solution called S4Retail Fiscal

It consists of:

  • fiscal drivers
  • Backoffice for online fiscalisation (including solution with signature devices)

In order to develop our solution according to the worldwide standards we are active part actively in the ARTS UPOS working group.

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