Solution S4Retail Fiscal for online fiscalisation

This solution is used for online authorization of transactions. It consists of driver for the printer and backoffice.

The driver does support any UPOS based printer and its main propose is to implement all fiscal functions that have to be at the POS. It is also communicating with the fiscal backoffice.

Today this solution is used in Croatia, Slovenia and Czech Republic at more than 3000 POSes.


Fiscal backoffice is providing all needed fiscal functions also as web service. For this reason S4Retail Fiscal is the ideal solution for cloud approach.

S4Retail Fiscal is a multi-country and multi-brand solution. So if bought once the retailer can easily add any new country or brand to the same server.

Supported countries are as follows:

  • Croatia
  • Slovenia
  • Czech Republic
  • Austria (with additional module for use of signiture devices)